Registration is Open!

So you’d like to register for the 2017 Great Lakes Steelpan Festival? Of course you do! With all your busy schedules, though, we realize that any extra time required to get this done is not going to help. So instead, WE are here to help.

First, follow the links to Registration, or just click here.

The form starts off just getting some basic information from you like name, school (if applicable), phone number, etcetera.

Ensemble Name – If you don’t have a unique ensemble name that differs from your School or Organization Name, then either put the same thing, or take “School/Org. Name” and add “Steelband” 😀

Instruments Used – We need to know how large your group is (numbers) but also specific instruments (lead, double tenor, double seconds, six bass, etc.) so that we can plan for load in/out, spacing for your clinic, and placement in the mass band. We understand that you might not know which of your students will be able to attend, or some other factors, but the more accurate information you can provide here the better.

Instruments We Need To Provide – Do you need us to provide anything? Let us know here. Specifics will be gone over via phone/e-mail so don’t worry too much about this right now.

Experience Level – This is to help us plan out the best clinician for you as well as make suggestions on the mass band pieces for you. We welcome everybody from complete novices to experienced professionals. Pan is for all!

Age Range – This is again to help us put you with the best suited clinician.

We hope this helps clear up any confusion with the registration forms. Of course, if you have any questions in the meantime, simply EMAIL US and we’ll get back with you right away. We are looking forward to seeing you sign up, but remember, space is limited, so register quickly to save your spot!